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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Makeup Forever Aqua cream

Summer is here!!It is the best time for the beach,our summer in Kuwait is too hot ,the weather temperature is more than 50 c degree!!!You can imagine what happens to your makeup if you went out without A C in your car and every where!!!Those amazing products I'm reviewing today are created for This.
I reviewed some colors of aqua cream before if you like to know more about it here and here for lips and cheeks. I bought more colors to create more looks and here they are

Aqua creams are too smooth ,comfortable to wear.They dry faster than mac paint put so you have to work fast .Once they dry they don't fade or smudge and they are water proof so you can swim and enjoy your summer without any worries .It stays the same after several washes and long hours .I use them alone for the beach and as an eye shadow base .they are buildable ,so you can use them sheer or add layers for a bold look .
mufe aqua cream #20
Aqua cream #20:  a bright blue.It can be used as eyeliner with angled brush or even in the waterline .
aqua cream #21
#21:a turquoise blue  I repurchased that one .
aqua cream #2 steel
#2 steel:is a gray-tinted taupe brown. This one is my favorite of all the time .it is so beautiful for the smokey look .I also use it as a base for mac satin taupe eyeshadow.
aqua cream #11
#11:a true gold color ,this one is the best for a bold look or to draw a line over your black eyeliner for a simple look with a neon pink on lips .
 #14:Aburned brown with copper hint.
aqua cream #13
#13:worm beige .

Here are the swatches :
aqua cream swatches

If you like to use it inside the eye ,take any dry eye pencil and dip it in the cream then draw the line inside the eye ,it will work great because it is water proof .
What do think of these ?have you used them ?what are your favorite colors ?
Thanks for looking ..bye