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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MAC haul :from holiday collection and more ..

Happy holidays everyone  and merry christmas .We 've been waiting for M.A.C's holiday collection for so long and when it arrived here ,no one informed us ,I saw it by chance while I was passing by M.A.C..Most of the items were out of stock :(  especially the gift sets ..But any way there were still some gorgeous things.. This post had to be done before 2 weeks but I wanted to take the pics with my new Camera (nikon coolpix s8200)so it is late a little bit
I needed another 239 brush and it was there with a set of 5 brushes for only 25 kd (90 $ ) ..Ofcourse you will notice the big difference in the prices ..Our M.A.C is getting more expensive while prices in M.A.C out side Kuwait is still the same..
The package is beautiful....They come in a very cute clear bag
The brushes :

The brushes included:
167SE: a bronzer brush
168SE: angled contour brush
217 SE: a must have brush for eye shadow applying and blending ,I tried it for blending concealer and worked great with creams .
39SE : for applying shadows and packing color on the eyelid .
212SE:flat definer brush for under the eye or eyeliner .

All these brushes are limited edition and their handles are shorter than the full sized brushes. This brush set comes with a handy  and cute clear handles with silver glitters

This ball of lip glosses is adorable ,I bought 2 balls with pink glosses one for me and one for my sister for her birthday ,I was planning to get her a face kit that contains eyeshadows,blusher ,a lips stick and 2 or 3 brushes I don't remember ,it was out of stock
any way this one is nice gift too..
I love pink ..
I took only one paint pot from the glitter and ice collection  ,it is called Let's skate
Let's skate is a pale pink shade with gold pearl ,it is amazing as base or on the inner corner of the eyes.
I got some more items T
The fast response eye cream which need to be reviewed alone,simply I can't live without it .
There 's also a paint pot from the posh paradise collection called Nibule
I don't know why this color turns brown on my skin after a while .

A closer shot

Hot Gossip is plum medium pink  cream sheen lipstick
That's all for today ..wish you enjoy your holidays ..Thanks for looking

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NYX s104 78 Eyeshadow Palette review and swatches

Hello ladies
Nyx is a brand that still new in kuwait ,it's here almost a year ago ..I always see girls in youtube using it and talking about it..that what made me want to try it so much..I picked a big palette of eye shadows because it was  attractive , one single shadow also  and they gave me two lip glosses as a gift !! I gave my self sometime before I review it ,to be fair in my review so here it is

 The packaging is glossy and professional comes with small windows that shows some of what's inside.
You can see the variation in colors ,they also have different finishes ..They are all well  pigmented .The shadow pots are small but you'll not need a lot because of their good pigmentation. Another thing I like about it ,that the most used shadows (the ones in the middle ) come in bigger pots .Let me show you the swatches ..
                        These swatches are without any primer or base 

Starting with the right side :

 The big pots:

After all the swatches I think it is a great deal ,with all these colors that are good quality and easy to blend and the low price !! I'm happy I tried it,I'm planning to buy more product from this brand .
Did you try NYX products ,what do you advise me to buy ??!! plz drop a comment telling me what to buy and I'll be grateful for you ..Thanks for looking ...bye

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink Wedensday :polka dots and ribbon

I'm back to pink Wednesday too,isn't that great??I'm beginning to feel (I'm normal) after being a robot doing the house work,teaching the kids ,and when night comes I'm completely exhausted..Thank god they finished...I'm back to life again ..take a look on this
Base: a light pink from a Turkish brand Carla ,they have a wide range of opaque colors in a cheap price.
Image plate :konad m 79 ..For the polka dots I used m 79 to save time doing it with a dotting tool.I stamped with konad special polish in dark purple .For the ribbon I used kiss liner in hot pink then I placed a pink rhinestone on the middle before it dries completely .
As u can see in the picture's inspired by my little daughter's hair brush..
Hope u like it.Thanks for looking.. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sponging and konad m83

I'm trying hard to do more nail designs ,thank god I have more time now after my daughters finished their exams .plz plz plz wish them luck !! As i wish you like this mani
I colored the whole nail with chinaglaze electric pineapple then with eye shadow sponge I started sponging with zoya midori (green) then zoya robyn to give a gradient effect ,u can use any sponge you like .
Image plate :konad m 84  stamped with konad special polish in dark blue
Hope you like this mani, have a nice day..

Sunday, November 27, 2011

velvet nails

Hello everyone:)
It has been along time since I did my nails ,my mood is more into makeup ,I missed my polishes ,I'm not buying much like before ..any way ..I just saw zoya Valerie standing there in the box ..what a pretty color to be ignored ..I wanted to do a mani with valerie.This is the result

I thought stamping doesn't work with matte polishes but yes it does work ,see the effect of the matte polish and how it gives a velvet look..
Base:zoya valerie
Image plate : Konad m 85  ,I stamped using zoya savita which is a very beautiful matte color.

What do think ladies ?? I'd love to see your comments ..Any matte colors that worked good with you ?plz let me know . have a nice day .

Monday, November 21, 2011

New konad image plates:m84 and m85

Finally I got the call I was waiting for ..The new konad image plates are here!!!! before doing any thing else I ran to the konad  store and bought them...How happy I am :)
During the last two months I didn't buy any plates or nail stuff ,only some polishes.I was buying makeup all the time.
Now take a look on the new plates

This is all for today ,have a nice day:)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

H and M makeup and swatches

Hi everyone
last week I passed by H&M to get some winter clothes for the kids.I know they have makeup but I never think of it..I got some polishes and they are really good,the plan was some more polishes but after I saw the makeup the whole plan is changed and instead of buying polishes ,take a look what I got !!!
 And here are the swatches ( on bare skin without primer or base)
First and second row from the top
3rd row
4th row
Although the palette have nice colors but it is hard to pick the eye shadow,I had to dig in the eye shadow to swatch it !!! it's price is 3.5 kd (12.69$) yes it is a good price for all these colors but if u want my advice don't buy it! the good deal is in the next palette
This palette is great ,very opaque colors , blendable and well pigmented !!check out the swatches

have you seen how pretty they are!!! this palette is called mickey go go go and has the disney trade mark on the back .This one really worth it.

Blushers :
L-R:17- tawny rose,18-sweet rose

These blushers are nice ,easy to apply ,smooth and well pigmented.hey cost about 2.5 kd (9.07$)check the swatches
Bronzing powder
their bronzing powder is very smooth ,easy to apply and blendable ,it comes in two sizes one small for your bag and a big one ,i took the big one ,it is matte ,no shimmer ,see the swatch

If you didn't check H&M cosmetics yet ,I think it is  the time !! have you ever tried their makeup ? what do you think of it?