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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mac dear diary lipstick

Hello my dear readers:)
I'm back after this long absence..Today's post is about Mac lipstick from Beth Ditto which finally came to kuwait after long  ages.
Dear diary is neon pink cream with blue tone. Easy to apply but leaves stains on your lips when you remove is my first mac slim lipstick so I'm curious how it will be on my lips ,I just tried it for minutes and still I don't know if it will last on lips or not.
I find dear diary very close to mac candy yum yum although candy yum yum for me is cooler and more beautiful.Pink pigeon from iris apfel is close too but pink pigeon is more red .You'll see what I mean in the pics
from left to right:pink pigeon,dear diary ,candy yum yum 
excuse my bad pictures this time ,I took them with my samsung  note camera .