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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More make up forever aqua creams (lips&cheeks)

I explained before how much I love makeup forever ,I can't just pass beside it without taking a look or buying something ..the plan was just taking a look but I could n't resist ...I got more two aqua creams  take a look!!
press to inlarge for a clearer photo  
In this pic to the left is no.9 which is a coral with golden shimmer if u inlarge the photo you 'll see it clearly ,onthe right no.6 which is a beautiful fresh pink (I love pinks) also with golden shimmer
Here are the swatches on my skin
How to use:
You can easily use your hand to apply it and blend or the brush 
Advice:It's better to moisturize your lips or cheeks before applying the aqua cream .
It can be a good base for your lipstick that stays for hours until you remove it .
For the lips I use makeup forever mini brush no. 3p ,I got this as a set with another4 essential brushes,that's it :
  For the cheeks I apply it with my fingers,only small amounts as dots on the cheek bone  but the hard part is to apply the same amount for each cheek ,then i start blending it so fast before it dries and nothing can blend it or smudge it for the blending i use M.A.C due fiber no 130 ,it's flat from the top so it is ideal for buffering and blending (I'll review this brush separately soon) .
Thanks for reading if u like my review or have any comments or questions just drop a comment and i'll be happy to answer..