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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mac Iris apfel haul and shadows dupes

Hello dear readers :)
Iris apfel  is one of the collections that contain things I love >>pink lipsticks...neon ones as  u will see ..They launched it in Kuwait after a long long waiting but let me tell u some thing ..never buy makeup without trying it ..I was obsessed with this collection because of the internet reviews and pics but when I saw them in real ,I was disappointed ..although the eye shadows colors are gorgeous but the texture sucks toooo dry ,very hard to pick the color and not that wow ..Any way I think lipsticks were amazing ..They have neon attractive colors ..Oh my god I fell in love with them..I picked three lipsticks ..let me share it with u
    L-R:flamingo ,pink pigeon,party parrot and robin's egg eye shadow
I will start with my favorite one Flamingo
this is a lusture lipstick ,a peachy pink that I loooooooooooovvve it is transparent a little bit but still the most wearable one for every day makeup .
Pink pigoen :
Pink pigeon is matte , a very bright pink . it is beautiful with cat eye look or even with black or electric blue smoky eyes for evenings.

Party parrot:
This one is matte too ,a mix of red ,pink ,coral ..I don't know how to describe it,the closest color to it is mac impassioned is a beautiful one for a fair skin,that's why I 'm lucky this time..
all lipsticks are bright and beautiful ,they are great for summer and spring ..

Here we come to the eyeshadows ,I bought only one :
Robins egg:
it is a bluewish teal with a matte finish ,I guess it is the best one of all the collection eye shadows to work with while all the others are very dry ...There are better dupes in texture I will show it to you .

Inglot have the best mattes I ever tried ,you feel they are creamy while working with them ,very very pigmented and easy to pick..(This need a special post about inglot eye shadows!!)
now here are the dupes:
 MAC Diamond Dove-----------Mac Brun
MAC Early Bird------------------Inglot 361
MAC Howzat--------------------Mac print  but the difference is Howzat has a blue sheen
MAC Silver Gull------------------inglot 35
MAC Robins egg----------------inglot 372
Here are the dupes

This collection is great ,I wish Mac improve the texture of the matte shadows .

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My MAC eye shadows and swatches

Hello beauties ,
This is my first post in 2012 ,it should be earlier but I still have problems with my very busy schedule,I can't find time for my self :(
In this post I will swatch my M.A.C. eye shadows ..I still have more shadows here and there I will swatch it later when Yara (my daughter ) remembers where she vanished them !!!
so let's start ...
All swatches are  without any base 

No need to explain about M.A.C. and how good they are ,they are my favorite brand and the best eye shadows I ever used ..The only thing I don't like about M.A.C. is their matte shadows texture,I find it dry and very hard to pick the color ..
That 's all for today ,wait for me ,for more swatches ,more reviews ..