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Friday, January 4, 2013

Back to you

Hello dear readers
When typing this sentence again after months of absence,I feel like I'm back to life again...missed blogging so much.have many products to review ,new nail designs I'll be posting them soon .I'm using instagram now if you're intreseted ,plz follow me for more pics,swatches and nails.My account is:
I will be posting again soon,wait for me

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mac dear diary lipstick

Hello my dear readers:)
I'm back after this long absence..Today's post is about Mac lipstick from Beth Ditto which finally came to kuwait after long  ages.
Dear diary is neon pink cream with blue tone. Easy to apply but leaves stains on your lips when you remove is my first mac slim lipstick so I'm curious how it will be on my lips ,I just tried it for minutes and still I don't know if it will last on lips or not.
I find dear diary very close to mac candy yum yum although candy yum yum for me is cooler and more beautiful.Pink pigeon from iris apfel is close too but pink pigeon is more red .You'll see what I mean in the pics
from left to right:pink pigeon,dear diary ,candy yum yum 
excuse my bad pictures this time ,I took them with my samsung  note camera .

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My entry in animal print challenge

Hello everyone :)
Sorry for this long absence ,I had some bad days
Today's post will be my entry in animal print challenge in facebook ,if you like to join or take a look on all entries here.
I wanted something colorful and summery.I was planning to do a snake skin on my nails but it didn't look that attractive, so I switched to leopard print .
Base:konad light beige
I sponged with zoya tobey (pink),chinaglaze custom kicks and zoya pippa then stamped with  BM 221 image plate and konad special polish.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Makeup Forever Aqua cream

Summer is here!!It is the best time for the beach,our summer in Kuwait is too hot ,the weather temperature is more than 50 c degree!!!You can imagine what happens to your makeup if you went out without A C in your car and every where!!!Those amazing products I'm reviewing today are created for This.
I reviewed some colors of aqua cream before if you like to know more about it here and here for lips and cheeks. I bought more colors to create more looks and here they are

Aqua creams are too smooth ,comfortable to wear.They dry faster than mac paint put so you have to work fast .Once they dry they don't fade or smudge and they are water proof so you can swim and enjoy your summer without any worries .It stays the same after several washes and long hours .I use them alone for the beach and as an eye shadow base .they are buildable ,so you can use them sheer or add layers for a bold look .
mufe aqua cream #20
Aqua cream #20:  a bright blue.It can be used as eyeliner with angled brush or even in the waterline .
aqua cream #21
#21:a turquoise blue  I repurchased that one .
aqua cream #2 steel
#2 steel:is a gray-tinted taupe brown. This one is my favorite of all the time .it is so beautiful for the smokey look .I also use it as a base for mac satin taupe eyeshadow.
aqua cream #11
#11:a true gold color ,this one is the best for a bold look or to draw a line over your black eyeliner for a simple look with a neon pink on lips .
 #14:Aburned brown with copper hint.
aqua cream #13
#13:worm beige .

Here are the swatches :
aqua cream swatches

If you like to use it inside the eye ,take any dry eye pencil and dip it in the cream then draw the line inside the eye ,it will work great because it is water proof .
What do think of these ?have you used them ?what are your favorite colors ?
Thanks for looking ..bye

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Estee lauder wood mystique,juicy couture parfum and lancome magnifique

Hello ladies:
It is almost one month since the last time I posted here ,I've been busy so much .Sorry for that ..I'll try my best to post more often.
This is the first time I review parfums in my blog ,I enjoy buying parfums so much and find it luxury and fun..You may notice that I prefer strong scents .Here are my last buy!!
   I"ll start with with this amazing  Wood Mystique .Fragrance Wood Mystique Unisex fragrance by Estee Lauder was introduced in 2011. Estee Lauder Wood Mystique is classified as Oriental Woody fragrance. Scent notes of Wood Mystique Estee Lauder include top notes of Peony, Pink Pepper, middle notes of Iris, Jasmine, Mimose, Rose, Ylang Ylang and base notes of Leather, Raspberry, Benzoin, Agarwood (Oud), Cedar, Patchouli.
It lasts for so long ,even when hot water of the shower touches your skin,this parfum will spread in your bath .It is a bit expensive but it worth it ..
 Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum: Passion fruit mingles with watermelon and tuberose blossoms at the heart....all drying down to vanilla creme brulĂ©e. It comes complete with Juicy Couture's world-famous J and the crown .Lasting power is very good .This is the fourth time I repurchase it.
Magnifique by Lancome is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance.The fragrance features saffron, caraway, rose, jasmine, sandalwood and vetiver.I bought it with a free body lotion and a nice glittery black makeup bag.

I decided not to buy any makeup this time ,this decision was gone with the wind when I just stepped inside the beauty center .
From makeup forever I picked two aqua lip liners 16c and 15c .
16 c is a fushia pink .
15 c is a coral pink ,it looks more orange in the pic.
2s brush is a tiny brush that can be used for eyeliner ,I'm gonna use it to smudge kohl and blend eyeliner.

 YSL shoking mascara .I've been using their mascaras for a long time ,they are best of the best.The brush gives your lashes lift and volume .

Have you tried any of these products?what do you think?.hope you like the post if you want me to post more about parfumes let me know.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mac extra dimension and reel sexy

Hello everyone :
Yesterday MAC released two new collections extra dimension and reel sexy ,I'm sure most Mac lovers will not skip those two..There are lots of exciting things in both of them ,all the girls I know were waiting for extra dimension because of the skin finishes ,they are so buttery and have lot of shimmer that you 'll  like.For me I found the three not suitable for my skin tone,I wished to find at least one but I wasn't that lucky any way there are still nice things to buy check them out ..
From extra dimension I picked these three eye shadows:
mac extra dimension
The texture of those is too soft and buttery ,they give you the feeling of cream,the pigmentation is very good.
mac blue orbit

Blue orbit: This is a unique color ,it is a blue violet with small golden shimmer . more purple in real .
Modern Pewter
Modern Pewter : It is a dirty olive gold .
Rich core
Rich Core: burgundy brown .It is darker in real .

From reel Sexy collection I picked:

Dynamic duo3: a taupe grey and a dark teal green  

Dynamic duo1:a golden pink ,It reminds me of mac expensive pink and a matte purple .

I also picked lightscapade :
This is a mineralize skin finish.It is a Soft candlelit beige with multi-dimensional shimmer .

from the skin care I bought strobe cream for the first time to try it .

It is not a treatment but it gives a glow for the face with it's very tiny shimmers .it makes you look healthy.I'll be back to you with a review after taking some time trying it .
Have you tried any of these products ,what do you think ?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

H&M Polishes,blushers,lipsticks

Hello dear readers:)
I'm back to you with this review for latest purchases from H&M cosmetics.
H&M cosmetics
I've mentioned before how good H&M polishes are .They have different finishes ,most of them need only 2 coats to be opaque . They dry faster than my zoyas and chinaglaze ones.
These are my picks ..
nail him
Nail him:  a bright blue cream ,opaque in 2 coats .
Lemon tree
Lemon tree:a beautiful bright lemon yellow cream ,opaque in 2 coats .
lady luck
 Lady luck:this one has a different formula ,it has small duo chromes that give a green shade or blue depending on your light .This one coat , I had to apply it with light strokes or  brush strokes will appear .Love this one.
Pinkastic :This is the only one I was disappointed with,it is a sheer jelly will pink duo chromes ,they did not has a tester for this one or I wouldn't buy it .It never becomes opaque as I want ,Here I applied 4 coats .I may use it as a top coat .

Here we come to my favorite part about makeup !!
Although H&M makeup is cheap but it has a great pigmentation in their blushers and bronzers .
This is the first time I find lipsticks in their store ,I picked 2 to try then go  back  for the rest .

pink sea shell

 Pink sea shell:a soft formula,easy to apply .Nice for the nude look or the dark smokey is a swatch on lips

Hibiscus: It is a name of a flower I guess ,It is a pretty strawberry red color . this is the swatch on lip.
 There are also two blushers 
Bronze: Nice blusher with a little golden shimmer that I love ,it doesn't turn orange after a while like other bronze blushers I have .
sugar coral
Sugar coral :it is a reddish pink coral ,I don't know how to describe it but it is a vivid color that I never have before from mac or makeup forever.

Here are the concealers I found there!! 
This concealer is amazing , I 've tried many types of concealers , many of them look like chalk or make lines after a while ,this has a good coverage ,I didn't see many shades from  this one .

It is ideal for eye circles because of it's yellow base.I have under eye puffs ,those are really hard to hide ,I apply the concealer right under the puff not on it and blend using mac 224 brush or sigma p84 .It will minimize the appearance of the tired eyes and make them look lifted.

This concealer is for hiding discoloration of the skin ,it is thicker than the previous one . 

Have u tried H&M cosmetics ,what do you think and what do you recommend me to buy ? 
Thank you ,have a nice day..