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Monday, July 25, 2011

Makeup forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Hello everyone :
Today's review will be about one of my favorite brands makeup forever and I'm going to review the lipsticks  rouge artist  intense.
  Shades:They come in 50 shades from nudes, pinks, and reds to purple, black, gold, and neon orange.Colors:vibrant ,the color on your lips match the one in the tube .
Formula:Rich and creamy ,layer-able and long lasting without drying your lips.
Finishes:matte-pearl and satin.
 I used to say makeup forever products are all great except the lipsticks but now with the new rouge artist intense, I changed my mind !!!
I bought  seven colors ,u may see them similar but i prefer these colors and feel confidant wearing them
A closer shot
The colors are more vibrant in true life ,I'm trying to get a new camera but makeup and polishes are taking all my money ..Now these are the swatches on skin ..
Starting from left to right 42 (a cherry red),39 (bright peach),37(coral pink ),36(satin fushia),33 (beautiful fresh pink ),32 (soft pink ),38 (coral ).All satin finish
No 32 is used in tres vichy look and nude look from make up forever ,i always use it if I'm wearing red cothes with dark eye make up ,I feel it's more feminine than red .
In my opinion these are the best lipsticks this year and the big range of colors give you more  choices to find the perfect shade.
Hope it was helpful ,if you have any question don't hesitate to ask..have a nice day