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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Zoya Beach and Surf

Zoya beach and surf is finally here...I can't express how excited I am  ..
Colors are really pretty and summery.

Beach collection:
This collection contains polishes with creme finish .
 I'll start with my favorite color of this collection
Shelby: This is a very pretty bubble gum pink , it reminds me of Nikki Minaj lipstick .I guess it will be so beautiful together .It needs three coats to look nice.
Lara: a bright pink ,Zoya has many pinks that are very close to it .
Reagan:it is a raspberry pink .This one also has dupes from Zoya .
Tracie:it's what we call it in arabic pistachio green ,it is a cute color and the only one in this collection that has a different finish ,  a frost finish .
Wednesday:it is best described as a dusty teal color .I love this one .
Arizona:it is a yellow based orange .It reminds me of zoya jancyn or china glaze papaya punch.

Now the Surf collection which contains foils
Starting with my favorite one:
Zuza:This is the must have in both collections .It is an aqua blue green with silver particles.This was the first one I picked to try from the 12 polishes.It is very attractive .
Meg: this is a green foil with yellow particles .
Myrta:It is a deep orange that is more red foil. 
Kimber: a raspberry pink foil with small golden particles.It reminds me of  china glaze strawberry fields and zoya mieko .I 'll swatch dupes soon to show you how close they are. 
Rory:This a light pink mauve foil with silver particles .I like that .
Carly:an eggplant purple with pink and blue particles .I love this color although it has many colors close to it from zoya .
Have tried any of these collections ,which one you like most ?Which one do you think will be nice for nail art .


GoingtotheShowing said...

I cant wait to try some of these out!

TheAmazingWorldOfJ said...

omg i love those!! where can i get them?

Etab said...

Don't miss it .I'm sure you'll love it.

Etab said...

I think you can find them in the zoya website or online stores,I bought mine from a local online store.Thanks for your visit ,hope to see you again

shootingstar0218 said...

they look really pretty :-)
too bad I wouldn't be buying them anytime soon... promised my mom I'm going to finish my old nail polish bottles before I go out buying more (she's getting annoyed of my collection :P)

Etab said...

I do have the same problem with my husband,I stopped buying polishes for a while but started buying makeup instead !!for me there's no solution!!Thank god I'm murried and my mom doesn't see what's in my closet ,I'm sure she'll kill me