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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mac Vera:pearl glide eye liners and Chenman Budding love lipstick

Like always Mac Kuwait is late with all these collections launched months ago in Europe and USA and around the world even in Dubai but here is still no news and they even have no idea what is the next collection and when !!Finally our Mac launched Vera collection and Chen man collection ..
I was waiting for Vera because of the pearlglide liners ..Chen man contains nice mineral eye shadows but I have lots of Mac eyeshadows  so I skipped that ,my sister brought me force of love lipstick if you like to see the post here for photos and swatches.I added Budding love lipstick to my collection.I wasn't sure if this color suits me because there were no tester..let me show you what I picked ..
chenman Budding love
chenman Budding love swatch
 Budding love lipstick: a pale lavender  with lustre finish .

Vera collection:
In this collection the most interesting items were the crushed pigments but I didn't buy it because I don't usually use it ,I prefer the compact ones , fall out of the shadows drive me crazy and leave a big mess that you don't want to waste time cleaning it .There were also the pearl glide eye liners that are a must have ,very smooth and easy to apply,excellent color payoff .They can be used as liners or as a base then blend with eye shadow.

purple designer
 Purple designer: a purple base with purple shimmer .I tried it under my lower lash line with Mac wood winked and tempting eye shadows.The result was amazing to see the swatches of shadows here.
 Industrial:it is a unique color , the base is greyish blue with blue shimmer . you will see it different from different angles . 
 Black line : It has a black base with golden  and blue micro glitters. Sometimes I see it olive green !!
 Undercarrent:it has a mermaid teal color base with golden micro shimmer. This is the most eye catching for me ,I love it.
All liners last for hours ,no smudge,no mess,But avoid using them on waterline because of the small glitters that may harm your eyes .
If you have the chance to get these liners don't miss it . I'm sure you will love their finish and how smooth they are . Did you try any thing from vera or chen man what do you think of them.?