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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Makeup forever Sculpting kit and sculpting blushers

Hello ladies:)
I passed by makeup forever and I can't stop by without buying makeup :) I needed new blushers so I got  these two
L-R: no 8,no 22
each one is 5.700 kwd  that is almost  20.700 $ .They are  cheaper than M.A.C and the same quality.They are soft ,easy to blend and long lasting .Not too shimmery like Bourjois  or chalky like Rimmel.I just love love love makeup forever .Check the swatches

I noticed the sculpting kit ,I usually don't do face contouring ,it is not for every day and every where ,but this kit is different so why don't I give it  a try ?? I tried a quick contour for the cheek bones ,I was satisfied with result  .I picked kit no. 1  because it is the lightest ,I don't want a dark one ,it will look over on my light skin .
  They showed me  a double ended  brush  to use with this kit,one end is slanted ended brush to use with dark color  to sculpt while the other end is rounded to illuminate and up light with the light color.I didn't buy it because I have my M.A.C brushes and they can do the job
Sigma f35,M.A.C 138,M.A.C 168 

Have u tried contouring your face? What is your way to do it? which products do u prefer?? waiting for your answers.


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Anonymous said...

nice colors, and i love the mac168 brush to contour

thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you come back soon!