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Saturday, November 19, 2011

H and M makeup and swatches

Hi everyone
last week I passed by H&M to get some winter clothes for the kids.I know they have makeup but I never think of it..I got some polishes and they are really good,the plan was some more polishes but after I saw the makeup the whole plan is changed and instead of buying polishes ,take a look what I got !!!
 And here are the swatches ( on bare skin without primer or base)
First and second row from the top
3rd row
4th row
Although the palette have nice colors but it is hard to pick the eye shadow,I had to dig in the eye shadow to swatch it !!! it's price is 3.5 kd (12.69$) yes it is a good price for all these colors but if u want my advice don't buy it! the good deal is in the next palette
This palette is great ,very opaque colors , blendable and well pigmented !!check out the swatches

have you seen how pretty they are!!! this palette is called mickey go go go and has the disney trade mark on the back .This one really worth it.

Blushers :
L-R:17- tawny rose,18-sweet rose

These blushers are nice ,easy to apply ,smooth and well pigmented.hey cost about 2.5 kd (9.07$)check the swatches
Bronzing powder
their bronzing powder is very smooth ,easy to apply and blendable ,it comes in two sizes one small for your bag and a big one ,i took the big one ,it is matte ,no shimmer ,see the swatch

If you didn't check H&M cosmetics yet ,I think it is  the time !! have you ever tried their makeup ? what do you think of it?